Group Futures Fund


About the Group Futures Fund  The GSACS Education Foundation Group Futures Fund Grant Program is designed to help fund unsupported school or classroom needs that demonstrate the enhancement of learning opportunities, evoke or promote passion and engagement in our students, support innovation within the classroom, promote faith, foster the development of relationships with one another and with God, and build community spirit and hope. These grants are supported through the fundraising activities of the foundation and its volunteers. Requests should be limited to $5,000 (or less) per submission. Consider joining our Foundation Board to see how we can work together to build better futures.



  • Contact Information 
  • Project and/or Initiative Overview
  • Consideration Questions 
  • Project and/or Initiative Cost Analysis 

SCALE APPLIED (1-4 below)

4: Application is excellent and provides robust evidence of demonstrating need and impact  (100 points)

3: Application is good and provides basic evidence of demonstrating need and impact (75 points)

2: Application is adequate but provides limited evidence of demonstrating need and impact  (50 points)

1: Application is lacking in responses and provides a limited general overview (25 points)

N/A: Application is incomplete (0 points)

2023 Grant submission DEADLINE is November 30, 2023 (5:00 pm) - all submissions preferred via Google Forms; printed copies submit via email to:

2022 Grants, for a total amount of $4,150, were awarded to 2 schools in December 2022.

2021 Grants, for a total amount of $7,500, were awarded to 3 schools in December 2021.

Based on feedback and process, all future Grants submissions will be promoted in September, due by mid to late November, and awarded in early December

Grants should generally support the core mission and commitments of GSACRD these include:

  • Promote or enable excellence in learning evoke and/or promote passion and engagement
  • Support innovation in the classroom
  • Promote faith, relationships, community spirit and hope; and
  • Request no more than $5,000 and/or be willing to accept partial funding

Reporting Requirements

Very simple reporting requirements (due by August 31st of the school year in which the grant was received):  prepare a brief statement about the funds received, what they were used for, what they supported, and what kind of difference they made for students.  Include a story or a testimonial to support your statement, complete with photos (and/or video) along with copies of invoices confirming all funds were spent.  There is no specific format - just a simple structure to outline and support your proposal.

Building Better Futures - One Student at a Time